Olympic Music School LLC is a place where you will find yourself at home, find your own voice as a pianist, and study great music. You will study with well-credentialed, inspiring teacher, Dr. Deborah Rambo Sinn, who is equally at ease with children and adults.

Young students will learn note reading and rote playing, study music history and theory, and participate in master classes where they can play for peers in a nurturing environment. Many OMS students go on to study music at university level, but all become musicians for life. 

Adults will find flexibility at OMS for their busy lives. One can come once a week or take lessons ala carte. At OMS, one finds the chance to fulfill lifelong dreams of playing, the possibility to fill in the gaps in their playing, and/or succeeding in understanding music on a deeper level. Once a month masterclasses give adult students a chance to play for one another or simply to observe teaching in a group setting.