Adults thrive at OMS!

adult at the piano
adult at the piano
adult at the piano

The Choice is yours at OMS

You may take a lesson every week or every other week, take lessons ala carte, or participate in a monthly class as an observer or performer.

Group lessons are available for up to four people. Tuition is based on the number of people participating.

Contact me for a no-cost meeting to discuss your options!


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to learn? 

Nope! It's never too late to study piano and you'll find a nurturing atmosphere at OMS as you begin or continue your musical journey. 

Do I have to come every week? 

No, you can choose to come every week, every other week, or pick your lessons ala carte!

What are the monthly classes like?

The classes are held once a month and all adults are invited, whether an OMS student or not. You may choose to play for the group, or simply observe. The choice is yours!

Is OMS too stuffy for me?

Although I take my teaching seriously, I am easy to work with (references available!) and enjoy teaching very much. I'm here to help you enrich your life, not add stress. (I promise!)

Do I need an instrument to take lessons?

Yes, you do! At least you need consistent access to a piano or full-sized (88-key with pedal) digital piano