Children Learn at OMS!

choosing the right teacher

It matters who teaches your children - beginning with the first lesson! You'll want to find a teacher who matches your child's temperament and one who encourages healthy playing habits right from the start. Here is a helpful link from my colleague, Diane Hidy, on how to choose the best piano teacher for your child: 

How to choose the best piano teacher

My promise to you

It's my job to work with your child in a way that will develop a lifelong love of music, whether or not they pursue a career in the industry. They will know how to read music, study theory and history, and participate in group activities with other students. 

I will treat your child with respect and dignity while pushing for growth with every lesson.


If you'd like to learn more about how your child can participate in lessons at OMS, please make an appointment to visit. I offer no-charge (and no-pressure) consultations - what could be better than that? I want to meet you and your child in person before lessons begin! 

I want to make sure that you find the best fit teacher for your child!